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Master, 2 år
Studieform: Undervisning ved lærestedet
Studietempo: Heltid

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16. november 2023.

Om studiet

Why study Aquaculture?

  • The aquaculture industry develops fast with an annual increase of 5-10%.
  • Productions are estimated to be doubled within 2020 - 2030.
  • It is a new industry with great potential; driven by innovation.

What will I learn?
The programme gives you broad and interdisciplinary strength or specialisation in subjects of your choice.

From courses we offer in fish breeding, fish nutrition, product quality and planning and design of aquacultural plants, you will get insight and knowledge about how those components/factors affects the effectiveness of production and influence the economical yield.

Professional prospect
Manager in the fish farming industry, quality control, governmental or extension positions, developing new aquaculture species, managing breeding programs, sales or administration. The Master degree is also a stepstone to an academic career.

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Master of Science in Aquaculture

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