Master, 2 år
Studieform: Undervisning ved lærestedet
Studietempo: Heltid

Informasjon er oppdatert av NTNU Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet

15. mars 2023.

Om studiet

The two-year International Master in Biology offers a practical and theoretical study of living organisms and how they interact in changing environments. Biology studies are essential to solving the challenges concerning effects of climate change and human activities on biological diversity and ecosystem services. When you choose to study biology at NTNU, you can play an essential role in solving challenges related to climate change, biodiversity loss, environmental degradation, towards a sustainable exploitation and use of natural resources. It will also help us to maintain the global food supply and improve human health and well-being. You have access to dedicated supervisors and research labs with cutting-edge instrumentation. Studying with us means that you may choose to do fieldwork at our field stations along the Norwegian coast and in the Dovre Mountains, or as far away as Tanzania and Svalbard.


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Master of Science in Biology

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