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14. mars 2022.

Om studiet

This course includes an introduction to Systems Oriented Design (SOD). SOD bridges systems thinking and design thinking. In the context of systems engineering it will help to integrate systems engineering with advanced design thinking.

Get an introduction to the methodology of SOD including gigamapping, ZIP analyses, and evaluation tools. We will emphasize visual thinking, visualization skills for analysing and as tools for visual thinking, as well as for dialogue and communication.

You will work with a case or situation that is relevant to your interest and work, where you have to find your point of entry and frame their project. The course will emphasize the creative part of gigamapping and SOD. The aim is to ideate, intervene and innovate in a selected system of systems.


The courses are organized as intensive one-week courses each with 5 days of lectures. During this week, the lectures last from 0830 to 1630 each day. The courses are a mixture of lectures and work in groups. Oral presentation at the end of the week is set as a 'compulsory requirement'. Masterstudents and others taking courses for credit will work on a written assignment which is due 10 to18 weeks after the end of the course. A completed course with approved written assignment will give 7.5 studypoints.


A Bachelor's degree in engineering.

Master level courses require a C average.

The admission requirements are founded on the regulations regarding admission to the University of Southeast Norway.

Anbefalt forhåndskunnskap

The price for attending a course depends on whether you take the course for credit or not. To get credit for the course, you need to hand in a written assignment.

  • Alternative 1: Attendance only kr. 16.500,-
  • Alternative 2: Attendance and written assignment kr. 22.000,-

For alternative 2, the price also includes supervision and grading of the written assignment.

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