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Erfaringsbasert master

12 950 NOK per semester

Studieform: Undervisning ved lærestedet, nettstudium, samlingsbasert
Studietempo: Deltid

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20. januar 2023.

Om studiet

Are you seeking updated knowledge, inspiration, and tools for developing yourself as an educator? Consider taking our Master of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Educational Research!

In this experience-based master programme, you will deepen and expand your knowledge, skills and competence by learning to do your own educational research project. We believe that educational research is a tool for renewal on both a personal and societal level. It enables practitioners to reflect on their experiences, give fresh life to professional activities and facilitate further work options. Most of our students experience how becoming an educational researcher empowers them in the sense of creating new visions and consciousness.

The RSUC master programme is not a professional training providing basic teaching and educational skills needed for instruction or other pedagogical activities. No teacher qualification is awarded on completion of the programme.

Applicants must have two years of educational practice, in addition to relevant studies on a level equivalent to a bachelor degree.

Studiets oppbygging

The Master Programme in Waldorf Education consists of five modules, taken over the course of three years. Each module begins with a residential course session of one to three weeks’ duration, comprising lectures, exercises and group work. Residential sessions are followed up by individual written assignments deepening and elaborating on the themes of each module. In most cases, students who cannot be present at course sessions or parts of sessions, can compensate with extra written assignments. An exception is the first session, where students must be present a minimum of two weeks.


All instruction and discussions are held in English. Written assignments can be delivered in English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, or German. The master thesis can be written in English, Norwegian, Swedish, or Danish. Students can apply for writing the master thesis in a different language.


Applicants must have two years of educational practice, in addition to relevant studies on a level equivalent to a bachelor degree. Students should be able to master English at an appropriate level. RSUC can demand documentation.


If the number of qualified applicants exceeds the number of places on the study programme, the following criteria form the basis for ranking: Relevance, level, and extent of studies; relevance, breadth, and scope of educational experience.


Master of Education

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