Master, 2 år
Studieform: Undervisning ved lærestedet
Studietempo: Heltid

Informasjon er oppdatert av NTNU Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet

9. februar 2024.

Om studiet

Globalisation and the increased interconnectedness created by the rapid flow of capital, people, goods, images and ideologies across national boundaries requires a new set of specialised educational tools. The two-year Master of Science in Globalisation and Sustainable Development prepares students to analyse the complex interactions between the political, economic, cultural and social trends which are having profound effects on our contemporary world. As a part of the programme the students will undergo a internship in a global organisation or corporation. The programme is designed to provide its students with specialist knowledge and transferable skills to pursue careers in global corporations, non-governmental organisations or academia to mention some. Please consult the programme’s webpages for more information about admission and content.


Undervisning ved institusjonen


Master of Science in Globalisation and Sustainable Development