Norwegian language and civilization for international students (NIS) favoritt ikon

Universitet og høgskole
The course aims to give students knowledge and skills necessary for studies at Norwegian colleges and universities.   The application deadlines are: March 1st for applicants with citizenchip and education outside of Norway. For applicants residing in Norway with a Norwegian ID number there is rolling admission (løpende opptak) –  admission is open until all spots are filled or until April 15. 




1. mars 2019





Om studiet

The emphasis of this study is on giving students good general capabilities in Norwegian language. The programme is also meant to make it easier for students to adapt to the Norwegian society. The study of Norwegian culture and civilization aims to give students the general overview they need when they begin their vocational studies. It is also meant to provide an insight into Norwegian social structures and the living conditions of Norwegians. Upon completion, students will reach a Norwegian language proficiency equivalent to the B2-level (CEFR).    


This program is a full time study over two semesters. The study concentrates on two subject areas: Norwegian language and Norwegian civilization. The main emphasis is on Norwegian language, especially practical language skills. Teaching in civilization and culture has text reading as its basis, and is to the greatest possible extent coordinated with the teaching in Norwegian language. Teaching comprises from 10-14 periods per week each term. Attendance is obligatory. Students with less than 80 % attendance will not be allowed to sit for the exams.

Informasjon om opptak

Søknadstype: Lokalt opptak. Søknadskode: 4170