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Om studiet

Learn the Norwegian language and experience the nature, culture and adventure of Norway´s famous sights. We travel to Finnmark, Lofoten, Bergen, Ålesund, Trondheim, Kristiansand, Stavanger and more.

Our goal is for you to be able to speak and understand Norwegian according to your own standards through suggestopedi, a quick learning method. You will learn about Norwegian culture, history, geography and society through exhibitions and by travelling and experiencing Norway first hand. This year will be a ten months long adventure.


Norwegian adventure

  • Lofotfiske (deep water fishing in Northern Norway)
  • The Northern lights
  • Hurtigruta
  • Trips along the coastline, the fjords and in the mountains
  • Canoing
  • Dogsleding
  • Snowboarding/Twin tip
  • White-water rafting
  • Cross contry skiing and sleeping in lavvo
  • Snowcave


Norwegian culture

  • Famous Norwegian composers, writers and painters like ­Edvard Grieg, Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Munch
  • Exhibits at The National Gallery, The Munch museum and more
  • Sami people and Sami Parliament in Karasjok, Finnmark


Norwegian history and society

  • Maihaugen, Lillehammer
  • Norwegian history and Norwegian heroes like Fritjof Nansen, Roald Amundsen, Thor Heyerdal, Helge Ingstad and more
  • Norwegian government today
  • Democracy
  • Norwegian industry


Norwegian language

  • Suggestopedic learning
  • Consert reading
  • Choir reading
  • Games
  • Practical tasks


Stu­dents in the Nor­we­gian course will have plenty of prac­tice when lear­ning the lan­guage, being sub­mer­ged in a «mini» Nor­we­gian society. They will inte­ract around the clock with other Nor­we­gian stu­dents, during bre­ak­fast until sup­per. There are also many acti­vities wit­hin the school year plan­ned and held by the stu­dents.