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15. desember 2023.

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Why is Ibsen still relevant? What accounts for the global success of A Doll’s House? How do people from different cultures use Ibsen’s works to talk about democracy, human rights, and environmental issues? What role does Ibsen play in Norway’s cultural diplomacy? Join our Master’s programme in Ibsen Studies and explore these questions yourself!

An international and interdisciplinary Master`s degree

Ibsen Studies is an interdisciplinary master’s programme anchored in literary studies, theatre studies, cultural studies, and various social sciences. In this programme, you will acquire in-depth knowledge of the life and works of Henrik Ibsen, the figure that heavily influenced the formation of modern drama. Through two years of intensive studies, you will be part of an international community of students, scholars and practitioners that are passionate about Ibsen’s works, their impact in today’s world, as well as the continuous renewal of his works in performing arts.

Ibsen`s relevance in theatre, film and TV

Ibsen’s dramaturgical influence is constantly seen in newer works of theatre, film and TV. In our courses, we look at the latest adaptations of Ibsen’s plays in various media, and we also examine how Ibsen’s dramaturgy may be the foundation of many original works, including blockbuster films and TV programmes. As a student, you will have the opportunities to work with directors, playwrights, actors and dramaturgs both inside and outside the classroom through workshops and internships.

Ibsen for social changes

Being a Scandinavian playwright from the nineteenth century, Ibsen and his works are still the source of inspiration in promoting social changes in many cultures around the world. Thanks to the diverse backgrounds of our faculty members and students, we are well equipped to engage in discussions about how Ibsen is used in public discourses in different cultural contexts.

Innovation in education and research

The Master’s programme in Ibsen Studies is offered by the Centre for Ibsen Studies (CIS) at the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies. CIS is a world-leading institution in Digital Humanities, which means that we have at our disposal the world’s largest databases on Henrik Ibsen’s works and their adaptations in different performing arts genres. To deepen your understanding of Ibsen’s dramaturgy, you will be able to visit—in a VR model—the theatre where Ibsen did his theatrical apprenticeship. In our programme, you will learn how to integrate the most advanced digital humanities methodologies in your own research projects.

All of our digital resources can be accessed free of charge at The Virtual Ibsen Centre.

Intimate and active learning environment

Our class size is usually quite small, which encourages you to actively participate in class discussions and group projects. As part of a diverse student group, you will contribute to a vibrant learning environment where many different viewpoints rise and develop. You have access to both one-on-one thesis supervision with your advisor and group seminars with fellow master students who are working on their theses. You will also have access to professional assistance from our own specialist librarian who maintains the CIS Library.

International networks and job opportunities

During your studies at our programme, you are invited to many forum discussions and activities, where you have a say in the development of the study programme and the improvement of student experience. We organize regular workshops and meetings with UiO’s career counselors as well as industry persons from different sectors. UiO also organizes annual events for students to meet with alumni in order to strengthen their social and professional networks.

CIS is part of several extensive national and international networks of academic institutions and theatre organizations. As a student, you have the option of writing a shorter master’s thesis and dedicating your third semester to internship at an institution that provides you with relevant job experience. We can help connect you to different institutions for internship.

Our teaching is based on research

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