Høgskolen i Molde – Vitenskapelig høgskole i logistikk
Master, 2 år
Studietempo: Heltid

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14. mars 2022.

Om studiet

Both for passenger and freight, we need access to the places and things that we use in our daily lives – education, leisure, shopping, work and so on. The ways that we are accessing these things are changing, with more reliance on digital mobility, but still physical mobility is critical to our ability to participate in society and for the economy to work. However, this physical mobility brings with it many difficult to manage and sometimes negative impacts, such as local and global pollution, or the unequal distribution of accessibility, or safety problems.

The MSc Sustainable Transport and Urban Mobility programme focuses on the analysis of challenges and problem-solving in these areas of sustainable urban and long distance transport, as well as developing the principles of key skills in the field, such as modelling, economic and policy analysis. The entire degree programme is taught and assessed in English and no fees are payable, regardless of your home country and is open to students from all countries. This means that students at the programme will have the benefit of belonging to a truly international group of students, and to enhance their language skills, making them ready for transport careers in a more globalized world.


MSc in Sustainable Transport and Urban Mobility

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