Campus Oslo
Master, 2 år
Studieform: Undervisning ved lærestedet
Studietempo: Heltid
Oppstart: Høst

Informasjon oppdatert

6. mars 2024.

Om studiet

Get an entrepreneurial mindset and shape your own future. This master's programme gives you the knowledge and skills you need to start your own company, or to work with innovation in existing businesses.

This programme is designed to provide you with entrepreneurial skills and an entrepreneurial mindset. This type of competence can enable you to start and develop your own business, help smaller companies grow and scale up faster, and contribute to restructuring and innovation in existing businesses.

You will learn how to discover new opportunities, evaluate them in close dialogue with the environment, market, and customers, and implement new solutions or business areas. An important part of the programme is to learn about handling uncertainty and risk, and developing the skills necessary to quickly identify opportunities, test solutions, and adapt them to customer needs. Implementation and cooperation skills will also be key learning outcomes.

The programme will cover the following parts of the entrepreneurial process:

  • Start-up: Development is about the actual process of starting and growing a new business. Knowledge and tools related to the entrepreneurial process, including leadership, market segmentation, business modelling and funding, are central to the successful development of profitable new companies. Explore models and tools for developing start-up companies and developing a convincing business plan.
  • Scale up: Gain valuable insight into the phases, challenges, and opportunities that businesses need to address when growing and becoming sustainable and profitable. You will be well prepared to handle these real-world challenges when further pursuing a career in entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Corporate innovation: Examine how the innovation process changes when businesses reach the scale and size of large corporations. You will gain insight into the foundations of innovation and an understanding of how to gain corporate support for innovation efforts and corporate ventures.


Studiets oppbygging


As a master's student at BI, you have several exciting opportunities that will contribute to a varied and interesting student life while building relevant competence and gaining an advantage in the job market by tailoring your degree.


Priority application deadline for Master of Science: 1 March
After 1 March, applications are accepted on a rolling basis.


With a master's degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, you will have the knowledge and skills to be able to start and develop your own business and follow your own passion. But you will also become a relevant and attractive candidate for working with restructuring and innovation in existing businesses across a range of industries.

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