Study in Norway

If you are a foreign citizen who would like to study in Norway, read on to find out more on visas and the application process.

Study permit

Most international students don't need a permit if they are studying in Norway for less than three months. However, citizens from certain countries require a visitor's visa.

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A study permit is required for those who study in Norway for more than three months. Find out more about the application process at the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration's website. Here you can also check the permit requirements.

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Students from EU/EEA are not required to apply for a study permit, but they have to register with the police through the registration scheme for EEA nationals.

Registration scheme

Submitting the residence permit application 

When you apply for a study permit for the first time, you have to submit the application to a Norwegian embassy or consulate in your country, or country of residence within the past six months before arriving. However, if there aren’t any Norwegian embassies or consulates in your country, please contact the closest Norwegian embassy. In some countries, Norway collaborates with Swedish and Danish embassies and consulates.

Where to submit your residence permit application

You should apply for a study permit before you enter Norway. If you are already in Norway, you may be eligible to submit your application for a permit from Norway.

Who is eligible to submit a study permit application from Norway

If you submit your application to a Norwegian embassy or whilst in Norway, your application must be registered online.

Online application

Education and entry requirements

If you have education from a country outside Norway and would like to continue your studies in Norway, Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills has information on foreign education requirements.

Recognition of foreign education

Most Norwegian universities and university colleges require a higher education entrance qualification (generell studiekompetanse) to admit students. For applicants with a foreign education, the requirements are specified in a so-called GSU list (higher education entrance qualification for foreign applicants). The list contains information about what type of basic education you must have to qualify for admission to universities and university colleges in Norway. 

Higher Education Entrance Qualification (GSU)

For some countries, the requirement includes some higher education after secondary school, from your country of origin. There are also language requirements for both English and Norwegian. Some studies also have other addFitional entry requirements.


Documents which are not in English, Norwegian, Swedish or Danish must be translated by an authorised translator.

Members of the Association of Government Authorized Translators in Norway

Funding and tuition fees

As a general guideline you have to be a Norwegian citizen to receive financial support from the Norwegian Educational Loan Fund (Lånekassen). Foreign citizens could be entitled to financial support from Lånekassen provided they meet certain requirements.

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All international students from outside EU/EEA and Switzerland/EFTA must pay a tuition fee to study at public universities and university colleges in Norway. Private institutions also generally charge tuition fees. The fees vary depending on your degree and institution.

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