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Have you ever wondered why some people seem to attract success while others work very hard, but do not achieve what they want? Are you interested in changing your own life and being more successful? Are you a student wanting to have better results? Are you a teacher interested in making your students more responsible for their learning?

Then this free course is for you. Success - Strategies for Goal Achievement is a hands-on course turning your life in the direction of success. You will learn strategies and methods that lead to success and you will apply them to your own situation.

Experienced teachers will guide you on your journey to find and fulfil your dreams. In this adventure, you are not alone as the course features learning groups with members helping each other finding their purpose in life.

Studiets oppbygging

The course is designed to introduce you to the four main focus areas: mindset, starting point, goals, and tasks. You will work by yourself and also as part of a team on your plans and strategies. You will explore these four areas related to your own situation and at the end of the course, you will already be more successful than at the beginning. The course is based on theoretical knowledge, but the main part is about techniques to change your life.


General study competence.