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Polymer Technology (Nordic Master's Programme) favoritt ikon

Universitet og høgskole


Master, 2 år





Om studiet

The joint Master's programme in Polymer Technology, offered as part of the Nordic Five Tech academic alliance, provides students with the comprehensive tools needed to develop future polymeric materials for advanced health care, energy production, green packaging, surface coatings and many other applications.

The first year of study in the program is offered at KTH, Chalmers, Aalto University, or DTH. Students who elect to come to NTNU for the second year of study focus on polymer technology in industrial processes.

The programme provides a solid base in the chemistry and physics of polymeric materials, as well as their connection to real-life applications. A broad range of courses and specialisations allows students to customise their own degree profile enabling the focus on individual areas of interest. Students will learn of design, synthesis, characterisation, production and development of polymeric materials throughout the duration of the degree programme.


Master of Science in Polymer Technology

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