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Master in Sustainable Manufacturing favoritt ikon

Universitet og høgskole


Master, 2 år





Om studiet

A master's degree in sustainable manufacturing will enable you to develop sustainable products and production processes. Through innovative and knowledge-based products and processes, tomorrow's demands for sustainable solutions are formed.

This is a two-year master program (120 ECTS credits), which is also available part-time over four years. Sustainability is a relevant field of study related to the environmental challenges the world faces today.

Master in sustainable manufacturing has its core area within manufacturing with a focus on sustainability in the environment, climate, society and economy. This master's degree programme will provide you with expertise within sustainability in several aspects of manufacturing: operations, lean management, product development, project management, information technology, risk management and quality.

You will gain in-depth knowledge about various theories and methods that exist and that will enable you to map the sustainability of production processes and products.The basis for the master's degree is in the needs of industry. You will be closely connected to the industry through involvement in different research project with the industry.


Master in Sustainable Manufacturing