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Environmental Engineering (Master's Programme) favoritt ikon

Universitet og høgskole


Master, 2 år





Om studiet

The Nordic Master's programme in Environmental Engineering focuses on:

  • sustainable management of impacts on the environment caused by human activities,
  • development of new technologies to address environmental challenges.


It addresses some of the most pressing current political issues such as climate change, sustainable generation of energy, management and renewal of aging urban infrastructure, provision of safe drinking water and contaminated land and waste management. Environmental Engineering is an interdisciplinary science, bridging all the sciences and placing them in a social, economic and legal context. Within the discipline, there are areas of specialization, or small subject areas

This two year Master of Science degree gives you a challenging and exciting education for the future. Environmental Engineering is an ideal specialization for first-degree engineers with technological interests combined with environmental concern. This is an education that provides innovative, professional challenges and lead to a variety of career possibilities. The study program offers two options: The first year is spent at NTNU and the final year at Chalmers University of Technology or vice versa. NTNU offers two international options in this Master of Science study program:

  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Water and wastewater systems engineering


Master of Science in Environmental Engineering