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Dance Studies - Master's Programme favoritt ikon

Universitet og høgskole


Master, 2 år





Om studiet

What is dance? Is there relationship between breakdance and capoeira and halling? Why do small girls want to look like ballerinas? Nordic Master of Arts in Dance studies is an opportunity to get the most updated knowledge about the past and present of various dance types such as folk and street, ballet and modern, ballroom and club dance. The programme also provides the skills in analysis of dance as bodily movement, aesthetic expression, tradition and interpretation of music.

Nordic Master of Arts in Dance studies (NO-MA-DS) is run in cooperation between the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and the Universities of Copenhagen, Stockholm and Tampere. Such cooperation creates the synergetic effect by putting competences of teachers together and crossing the boundaries between genres, countries, arts and sciences. The compulsory courses in NO-MA-DS emphasise theories and methods, dance analysis and the history of dance.



Master of Arts in Dance Studies