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International Relations favoritt ikon

Universitet og høgskole


Master, 2 år





Om studiet

Why study International Relations?

  • You are interested in international solutions to current global challenges.
  • You want a theoretical and practical understanding of the interaction between nations.

What will I learn?
The program will provide the students with the necessary theoretical foundations to understand and analyze international relations today in terms of diplomacy, development and environmental sustainability.

The master's thesis will enable students to engage in independent research in a topic of their own choosing. The program will provide practical understanding of international interaction through an internship or exchange.

Professional prospect
Candidates holding a Master's degree in International Relations from NMBU will be able to compete for jobs within civil administration, international organizations, research and education institutions, and within private sector working in the international arena. Students attending this programme will be the only graduates with a degree in International Relations from Norway.

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Master of Science in International Relations