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Norwegian Language and Culture favoritt ikon



1 år


over 18 år


Frilynt folkehøgskole
Folkehøgskolene starter opptaket 1. februar hvert år.

Om studiet

Learn Norwegian and make lifelong friendships in beautiful surroundings in the southernmost part of Norway. Experience the fascinating Norwegian culture and nature through sustainable travelling.

At Agder folkehøgskole you have the opportunity to gain fluency in the Norwegian language, make lifelong friends and explore the Norwegian culture.

This Norwegian course is suitable for beginners and for students with little previous knowledge of the language. The first semester we focus on basic grammar and use of everyday language in both oral and written production. In the second semester the students build upon their vocabulary and grammatical skills to further expand their knowledge of the language. We use a wide range of teaching methods, including suggestopedia, to ensure that the students will be competent language users by the end of the schoolyear.

Norwegian Language & Culture has a environmental profile with a focus on sustainable, slow travelling. For our class the journey is the travel itself, connecting with classmates, yourself and strangers is a good way to get to know the language.  The course includes several excursions to historical, cultural and natural sites each semester.

Living in a boarding school where the majority of the students are Norwegian, you have an unparalleled opportunity to practice your newly aquired language skills and to immerse yourself into the Norwegian lifestyle.